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Join us and develop your superpowers…like being brave, dreaming big, and taking bold action. We will provide you with tips, keeping-it-real stories from girlhood, and easy actions you can take to begin creating the spectacular life you are meant to have.

All learned from the lives of real-life superheroesteen girls and young women. You’re brave even if you don’t know it yet! So connect with us and get started to be the superhero you are meant to be!

what we’re about

Our writing project, What’s Your Brave™, shares lessons on everyday courage from teen girls and young women in the United States. We began the project because of the pervasive disconnect we saw between the portrayal of teen girls in the media and what we observed in the lives of the extraordinary young women we knew. We decided to go to the real adolescent experts – the teen girls themselves — to understand the true state of girlhood.

Despite a diversity of backgrounds and life experiences, the young women that we interview share an internal journey marked by depth and courage. By sharing their stories and the reoccurring themes we observe, we hope to:

  • Provide parents and others concrete courage touchstones for nurturing the brave in teen girls and young women
  • Inspire all teen girls to own their “brave”
  • Help teen girls and young women in living their biggest, boldest dreams

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05 Feb
The One Thing Sports Illustrated Should Never Do Again: A Letter to Dads on the Sidelines

Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition will include plus-sized model, Ashley Gardner and they are already being applauded. Great marketing move. And she’s beautiful, but …BUT aren’t we missing the point? Shouldn’t female athletes and not fashion models – no matter their size – be on the cover of Sports Illustrated? I wrote this in 2013 when my daughter was [...]

06 Nov
Choosing You

One of the most important decisions we can make in our lives is to choose ourselves.  …Rather than waiting around or defining who we are based on whether others choose us. Be sure your daughter knows that there are always choices in her control. One way to do this is involvement in many activities where she [...]

12 Sep
Six Important Habits for Empowering Your Daughter

“Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world.”  – Harriet Tubman                   “Originally posted on SheHeroes.com.” We all want our daughters to be the real-life super girl they were meant to be – [...]

10 Sep
7 Easy Actions to Inspire Your Daughter to Dream Big

                “Originally posted on Girls Can’t What?” Over the last few years, I have interviewed a lot of tweens and teens to learn more about their experience of girlhood. If there is one topic that can weigh down a group of sassy, smart, and ambition young women in [...]

14 Aug
The Gutsy Bystander: Sixth in Series on Teen Sexual Harassment and Violence

Sixth in the series. If you missed the earlier blogs click here to start.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember that this blog series is not meant to replace professional support for you or any individual. If you have any concerns whatsoever about your welfare and safety or that of anyone around you, please seek medical or other professional [...]

11 Jul
The Enthusiastic “Yes” and Other Important Conversations to Have with Your Teen About Consent

                    Fifth in a series. If you missed the earlier blogs click here to start and get up to speed.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember that this blog series is not meant to replace professional support for you or any individual. If you have any concerns whatsoever about your [...]

09 Jul
Should Strong Be the New Skinny?

    Thanks to Carolyn Viggh for this guest post – Carolyn is a college student and blogger on health and fitness.     For daily updates, like What’s Your Brave on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. This blog was originally posted on Carolyn Viggh’s health blog – info at the end of the [...]

19 Jun
Q & A plus a Teen’s Perspective

Trigger warning. Fourth in a series. If you missed the first blog click here to read it and get up to speed on this series. If you missed the second blog, click here. For a young woman’s experience of catcalling, click here. Content for this post is thanks to Stephanie Trilling and Julia Bluhm. <Note: sexual assault committed against [...]

The Real Deal on Catcalling

Thanks to our advisory board member for this post – serves as a reality-check on catcalling. Girls and women deserve to feel safe at school and at the grocery store. This afternoon we will have a Q&A post with a clinician specializing in sexual harassment and assault. In future weeks we will be including posts [...]

13 Jun
Starting the Dialog: Talking with Your Daughter About Sexual Harassment and Assault

                  Trigger warning. Second in a series. If you missed the first blog click here to read it and get up to speed on this series.  <Sexual assault committed against boys is an underreported and often ignored problem. Given our project is directed at inspiring and empowering girls, they will [...]

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